TAD is a leading developer of innovative IT products in B2B

TAD's main goal is to provide our clients with the best technical solutions that will help them increase their business efficiency, strengthen their competitiveness and reach new heights in their activities.

For over six years, we have been dynamically evolving, successfully implementing numerous projects using various technologies. We offer a wide range of services, from consulting and startup support to the development and integration of complex corporate solutions for large international companies operating in four different continents.

Our Services


  1. Digital transformation

    As a modern IT company, we have fully automated all our internal processes. This provides us with high operational efficiency and flexibility.

  2. Innovative approach

    We don't just follow technological trends; we create them. By developing unique IT products that anticipate future market demands, we establish new standards in the industry.

  3. New mindset

    We view every situation as an opportunity for innovation and breakthrough. Our team is unafraid of taking risks, is ready to experiment, and constantly strives for revolutionary solutions in any field of our activity.

  4. Dynamic growth

    Since our inception, we have demonstrated impressive growth, doubling our performance every year. We are committed to maintaining this dynamic growth and aspire to achieve even more ambitious results in the future.

Industrial Expertise

We have a deep understanding of how business processes operate within these industries and possess extensive experience in developing tailored IT solutions for companies within these sectors:

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