Automation is the process of implementing systematic solutions aimed at optimizing business processes in companies of any scale. This approach involves optimizing routine tasks, reducing personnel costs, shortening task completion times, and reducing personnel costs. Additionally, automation contributes to increasing data accuracy and improving risk management, which is crucial for ensuring competitiveness and successful development in the modern business environment.

Why we

  1. Despite our small size, we possess extensive experience in developing highly effective solutions tailored for large corporations.
  2. Our key advantage lies in our broad technological stack, enabling us to swiftly and effectively execute complex projects while adapting to diverse client requirements.
  3. Over 95% of our clients return with new tasks, and over 80% of our partnerships continue successfully for over two years. We value our partners, while they value us.
  4. We hand over the developed solutions for support to the client’s specialists, training them and explaining all the nuances of implementation when we consider our work complete.

Our industries

Succesfull stories

Development of a system for visualizing the state of products

System for receiving coupons

Automation in steps

  1. Requirements Analysis. Studying the task, clarifying requirements, and project evaluation.
  2. Solution Design. Formalizing requirements, designing prototypes, selecting the technological stack.
  3. Software Development. Creating software solutions based on requirements, including developing user interfaces, databases, application logic and testing.
  4. Implementation. Installing the software solution on the client's side and putting it into operation.
  5. Continuous Support. System maintenance, including updates and system enhancements as needed.

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