Minimum Viable Product

In the rapidly changing world, to launch a new digital solution into the market, it's often preferable to release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) instead of implementing all the planned features. This approach allows the product to be launched significantly faster and with lower costs, enabling decisions on adding new features based on feedback received from users.

Why we

  1. We act in your best interest, avoiding unnecessary expenses. Our goal is to create the most efficient product for you, focusing on key aspects that contribute to a successful market launch.

  2. Our team consists of startup experts with extensive experience in launching our own products to the market. We leverage this unique experience to help your business succeed.

  3. We are at the forefront of technological innovation, with a deep understanding of how to integrate the technologies everyone is talking about into your product.

  4. Utilizing open-source and low-code solutions in creating MVPs allows us to efficiently optimize the process, significantly reducing the costs associated with product development.


Succesfull stories

BIM System

MVP step-by-step

  1. Product Concept Discussion. Defining the main product idea, expectations from the MVP, understanding the target audience, and the business model.

  2. Requirements Listing. Definition of the future product's functionality, prioritization of requirements, compiling a list of tasks for the MVP.

  3. Technology Selection. Exploration of opportunities for using open-source solutions, low- and no-code platforms. Choice of the technology stack, including programming languages and frameworks.

  4. Prototyping. Creation of layouts and, if necessary, clickable prototypes for demonstration to the target audience and alignment of the common product vision.

  5. Development. Iterative development and testing of product functionality, demonstrations following each iteration with the possibility of priority adjustment.

  6. Market Launch. First MVP release, involving deployment on servers and publication in app stores.

  7. Product Evolution. Collection of user feedback, iterative development of new functionality considering priorities, release of updated product versions.

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