Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of integrating technologies and digital solutions into all aspects of your business to make it more efficient, innovative and flexible. It encompasses a wide range of possibilities, starting from the development and automation of individual services and functional components, such as online stores, mobile applications, and CRM systems, and culminating in the comprehensive digitalization of the entire business.

Why we

  1. Expertise. For over 6 years, we have successfully transformed traditional businesses into digital formats. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who carefully study your business needs, conduct an analysis of the structure of business processes, and develop optimal solutions for its improvement.
  2. Domain Expertise and Technologies. We analyze and optimize businesses, creating digital twins of construction projects. In education, we transform teaching methods using digital platforms. We also develop online platforms with a full sales cycle and utilize artificial intelligence to analyze visitor preferences in the food service industry.
  3. Process Automation. We are proud to be an advanced digital company where almost all processes are automated. We develop our own IT products by anticipating trends, rather than following them. If something can be automated, we will do it!
  4. Long-Term Collaboration. Over 95% of our clients return to us with new tasks, and over 80% of our partnerships continue successfully for over a year. We value our partners, and they value us.

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DT step-by-step

  1. Business process audit. Assessment of current workflows in the company to identify needs for improvement.
  2. Digital strategy development. Planning digital transformation, including the selection of processes and technologies for digitization.
  3. Implementation of change management and project office. Establishing change management methodologies and coordinating digital transformation projects.
  4. Stakeholder training. Preparing key employees to manage the transformation process.
  5. Development and implementation of digital products. Creation and implementation of new digital solutions.
  6. Launch and scaling. Implementation and expansion of the use of digital products in the company.
  7. Support and optimization. Continuous improvement and adaptation of digital processes.

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