IT Audit

IT audit is a comprehensive examination of systems, infrastructure, and management processes. An audit may be necessary if you need to replace a development team or if a previously well-functioning system becomes a problem for your business. It is also a crucial step before making investment decisions in any IT product.

Why we?

  1. We apply our unique methodologies and have experts with a broad technological stack, allowing us to conduct comprehensive technical audits.

  2. We will assist in optimizing IT processes, including testing, application deployment, refactoring, team management, and enhancing support systems.

  3. We not only excel in technical aspects but also understand how they impact business processes.

Types of IT audit


Security Audit

Performance Audit

Technical Landscape Audit

Deployment Audit

Quality Control Audit

Project Management Audit


Succesfull stories

Audit of information technology environment and consulting on project management

IT Audit step-by-step

  1. Defining objectives and developing an IT audit plan. Determination of audit objectives and strategy, development of an action plan including the selection of methods, tools, and resource allocation.

  2. Gathering and analyzing all necessary data. Gathering and analysis of all necessary data about the information infrastructure, including systems, networks, software, and security policies.

  3. Conducting process analysis and evaluation. Conducting in-depth analysis of current information technology management processes to identify vulnerabilities, shortcomings, and areas for improvement.

  4. Compiling a report and recommendations. Preparation of a detailed report containing audit results, identified issues and risk analysis.

  5. Compiling a recommendations. Formation of a list of recommendations aimed at eliminating vulnerabilities, increasing the security, efficiency and manageability of information technologies.

  6. Implementing recommendations. Implementation of proposed changes, measures and improvements.

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