IT outstaffing

Outstaffing is the ideal solution when you need to augment your team in the absence of internal expertise in a particular technology stack or for short-term project implementation, but you don't require specialists on a permanent basis.

Why we

  1. We provide recommendations for improving architecture, performance, automation and application testing. Implementing these recommendations will help you save on support costs, reduce errors and ensure that your IT infrastructure aligns with market best practices
  2. We implement Agile processes at their best. TAD is one of the most cutting-edge IT companies in the global market, and we prioritize our internal processes, ready to share best practices with our partners
  3. We offer recommendations for business transformation and implement digital solutions in various industries, consult with technology startups and investment funds. We are prepared to deeply analyze your market and provide recommendations for the successful development of your company
  4. We establish transparent digital metrics for evaluating the performance of project teams in our contracts. This way, we are financially accountable to ensure our teams perform exceptionally well for you

Our experts


Backend developers: .Net, Java, Kotlin, Python

Frontend developers: Angular, React, VueJS

Mobile developers: React Native, Flutter, Swift, Java, Kotlin

QA engineers: manual and automated testing

Business analysts


Outstaffing in steps

  1. Immersion in the project and identifying the customer's needs
  2. Reporting and recommendations for improvement
  3. Selecting the necessary specialists for the team
  4. Determining metrics to assess the work of the specialists
  5. Monitoring and analyzing the results of the specialists' work on the project

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